Both Jig Boring and Precision Grinding machining capabilities
and time available for your production and / or prototype projects.

Jig Boring / SIP

Jig Boring / SIP Manufacturing Equipment
Sip High Column Hydroptic 7A Jig Bore.
This unit has an added 24 inches between table top and spindle providing a total of 73 3/4 inches vertical travel. The manufacturer guarantees the accuracy positioning for the table and spindle to 100 millionths.
Parker Majestic 12 X 8
Sip Hydroptic 6 A Jig
3 V 72 DeVlieg
Pratt   Whitney Model 3E

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding Manufacturing Equipment
Surface Grinders
Parker Majestic 12 X 8
Boyar Schultz 6 X 12
Thompson B-8 Hydraulic (Wet) 12 X 40
Landis 6 X 18
External Grinders
Tschudin (Swiss) HTG-600 (8 X 22)
Tschudin (Swiss) HTG-600 (12 X 22)
Cincinnatti Hydraulic Universal 15 X 36 - Special
Precision Fitted and Equipped with Electronic Gage Line Taper Adjusting Attachment.
Internal Grinders
Heald Model 274 Universal (30 I.D. X 30 Cap.)
Heald Model 237A Universal (24 I.D. X 20" Cap.)
Parker Majestic #2
Bryant #1316, 16" Dia Swing 9" Grinding Length and Facing Wheel Head.
Center Grinders
Technica Swiss Center Grinding Machine
with Motorized Driving Attachment for Generating Center on the Work Piece During Grinding Cycle.
Jig Grinders
Moore Jig Grinder #2
Moore Jig Grinder #3