A. G. Davis - AA Gage
Groove Gage Heads are self-contained for quick changeover. Nine gage heads cover groove diameters from .500" to 4.875". Specials on request.

Groove Gages

Precision Groove Gages
•  Checks the whole groove-Perfect for: Snap Rings,
   "O" Rings, Recessed Diameters & Threads.
•  Provided with Electronic or Standard indicators.
•  Checks sizes from 0.500" to 4.875" (Specials to 12"
   and beyond Quoted per application).
•  Self-centralizing
•  Interchangeable gage heads with "groove-matched" blade contacts.
•  Custom ground for any groove or bore size.
•  Rugged enough to withstand tough environments.
Precision Groove Gages