Ultradex MK II & III

The ULTRADEX MK II & III Indexing Table is designed for precision machining, inspection, calibration, test gear and other applications where absolute rotary positioning accuracies of 1/2 arc second band tolerance not accumulative (+/- 1/8 arc second) or better are required, with a repeatability accuracies to +/- 1/20 arc second.

The system utilizes a process for very accurate serrations (teeth), which not only provides very accurate indexing, but also establishes a very rigid coupling when clamped in position, forming almost a solid column of steel.

The tables are manufactured for manual indexing applications; automatic tables are available (consult factory). They are supplied with a wide range of indexing positions varying from 180 to 1440. Accessories are supplied for sub-dividing the positioning increments, by both mechanical and electronic means, to give an almost infinite number or rotary positions.

MK II & III Style "A"   •   MK II & III Style "B"