Type "L"

The Basic Circle Divider features Standard Indexing of 360 or 720 positions. Accuracies to 1/10 Arc Second are possible. Manual or Automatic. Faceplate lifts when in unlock position. Faceplate size range from 8" to 48" inches. Round or Square. Low Profile. Vertical or Horizontal Faceplate operation.

Type "SH"

Designed for a Dial Type Machine Aplications. Standard sizes up to 48" inches. Round or Square Faceplate. Smooth Air Ride Thrust Rotation. Standard Accuracy +/- 3 Arc Second combined with Incredible Hirth Coulping Rigidity and Repeatability.

Type "SD"

This Design is especially for Milling, Boring, and Grinding. Features the Double Coupling Design capable of 360,000 discrete index positions. High Load and Rigidity Factors.

Type "SC/SCI"

The Ultimate Design for Machining Centers 4th Axis Aplications. Tremendous Torque and Rigiditiy. Combines Rigid Hirth Coulping Design for 720 Index Positions, and also 360,000 positions with contouring capabilities. Servo Motor Drive.